Saturday, October 22, 2011

my stupid brand new Golds Infinity dress broke -_- The strap came off... I guess I better learn to sew...

Friday, October 7, 2011

I can't wait to get my new DreamV items in the mail in 6-10 days!

and my new circle lenses in 7-10 days!

and 3 new wigs for photos in like... 2 days!

but I need all the items to do the photos -_- so it better hurry up.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Q-Pot brand

Q-Pot is my favorite jewelry/handbag store! The only store in the USA is in Honolulu, HI so I try to save up to get something whenever I get to visit home!

The little phone charms run about $50, and they have Hawaii exclusives as well, like shave-ice scoops with a Hawaii metal hibiscus tag!

The purses will run high, $500ish even and they have other lines like the Disney and Alice in Wonderland sets.

Their chocolate brick pattern is famous and has many little details that work as an anti-fake system (take a close look at a real one, there are many tiny little ants and chips that signify a real print).

I love Q-Pot and I think it's perfect for Japanese fashionistas, lolita and expecially Gyaru. This is my gyaru purse, because of it's "expensive"-ness, look and extravagant feel! And it's a good buy, the vinyl cleans easily and the charms aren't cheap decoden, they're hand made and QUALITY. This thing is sturdy to live on your pure, hair band, necklace, whatever version you buy, it's hard, strong and will never fall apart.

Check Q-Pot out in English here:

PS: Just incase you were wondering, photos with the watermark are photos I've taken myself, the watermark says my name, please don't remove it if you want to use my photo, and please link back or to my art page

Saturday, October 1, 2011

starting to sell pieces from my jewelry line !

click the photo to check it out <3

click the photo to check it out <3

UD's NAKED Palet

So I hear this thing is STILL out of stock at most Sephoras, and it's crazy cause I remember tyring to get my hands on one last year! I can't bleieve the need is still strong for this one



Price: $48 not bad considering how many colors there are and the fact mine has lasted almost a year now with normal use
Quality: usual UD shadows, sometimes hard to blend without primer on the lid, and the sparkles of course don't stick unless you're putting it over scream/base with your fingertips but that goes for all eye shadows. I find UD fades quickly and slides quickly for oily lids without their famous primer.
Colors: awesome! Glitters, mostly browns, a light and dark matte, gray/blue and black, all the necessities for being naked or not-so-naked.
Packaging/Presentation: I go to ACCD, so I know packaging and design is an issue not to be overlooked. The brown box is cute, the type of NAKED is nice and expensive feeling, it comes with a double ended eyeliner, brown and black, in it's own little niche in the pallet, I think the magnet is strong, and it hasn't broken any shadows despite me hauling it all around in my backpack to my bfs on the weekends. I've broken too many UD shadows in the individual round pots...


A great investment! I rarely drop that much dough on makeup unless I know it's amazing (like Laura Mercier foundaton or Nar blush). UD is known for rocker colors and sparkles but this product subdues it's usual approach and brings forth the best collection for a natural look mixed with a sexy sheen.